Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pig Business

We have visited our friend Stefan because his sow Dorka had a new litter of piglets. We choose 2 piglets, still should decide on an appropriate name (suggestions welcome). We needed new piglets because our friend Stefan slaughtered our dear " Karbo & Naadje" - on our request though. This year we have decided to go for "ordianry" pigs. The big pink ones. We have tried the first year Mangalitca pigs. Beautifull animals, strong and healthy. Their fat is supposed to be "healthy". Though it is all about quantity. They were Very Very Fat even though we raised them largely on kitchen waste and roughage. Last year we had a cross of Mangalitca x Large White. Also very healthy and strong. Their meat is less fat, very tastefull. We are very curious what will bring the new piglets.

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