Friday, December 23, 2011

Number 62

Our sheep with ear tag number 62 doesn't want o be just a number. She has decided to be different from the other sheep in our flock. She is smaller, the only one not in lamb an walks through the bars of the sheep's feed rack. To make this difficult she is now the only one wearing a wooden frame.

Goat family

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Svätý Mikuláš in our village

Saint Nicholas came with his angels, devils and witch... This well known Saint in the Netherlands (Sinterklaas)also brings presents to Slovak children. A nice guy since he even made it to our village, you should expect him on his name day the 6th of December but I think he came all the way by foot because we finally met him today the 10th.

Winter work

The year is advancing and in February 2012 we will start milking the first sheep of our herd. Arnold has been constructing a simple milking parlor and we even managed to find a second hand one/two sheep/goat milking machine! Our sheep seem interested but have decided that is not yet time to enter the milking parlor. The only one who wanted to climb the ramp is our ram.... We will have to explain to him that this new construction is for girls only!