Saturday, September 29, 2012

Winter rest

Bram's job has been done, he will probably be the father of the lambs of all our adult ewes -1. Our largest Friesian ewe might not have been in heat yet. However the risk that his daughters, who share the same field will be in heat soon is too big.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Finally indoors! We are now only milking our goats and we are milking in our milking stable. So no hot sun, cold wind or wet rain disturbing this pleasant moment anymore. We stopped milking our sheep since their daily production dropped below 400 ml (10 September). They are all also pregnant and only a year old - therefore some rest will be good for them.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


So far only one ewe came back in heat. So it seems that we will indeed have a very short but hectic lambing season.

Plan B

We have 12 ewe lambs from our Friesian ram and our Lacaune ewes. Most were born at the end of the lambing season, at the beginning we got only rams. However a few might have developed well enough to be able to get in heat this year. Plan A was to mate them with a 50% Friesian/50% Lacaune ram which was bought without having seen him... a big mistake. We got an underfed sick looking lamb which is still not even 20 kg at more then 6 months of age. We even doubt if his mother was a pure Lacaune and not mixed with an indigenous breed like Valaska (he is too wooly). So there was need for a plan B. We bought a young beautiful Suffolk ram to sire our young ewes. Bob is his name and he has left a nice farm where the whole familly said goodbye to him to join our herd.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Home grown food

We had a group of Dutch tourist staying five days on our farm and camp site. They tasted several of our products; cheese, vegetables in the goulash we made for them with our own lamb meat and at their last evening our smallest pig was served roasted. However most didn't (want to) know that.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thuringer Wald Ziege

We got a new goat (breed) on our farm! We even hope to borrow a billy of this breed since our Driekus is a little bit to young to do his job this autumn.

With love from Holland

A billy goat with an excellent pedigree has joined us. Driekus came all the way from Holland to us. He was a gift of goat breeding camp site geusts! Of course he gets a special treatment - we have the impression that high productive dutch dairy goats are a less hardy then local Slovak goats. We hope he will be soon old enough to sire our ladies!