Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Start of lambing season 2013

All but two of our twenty two year old ewes have lambed within a short (an cold)period. We now wait for the last two and ten yearling ewes.

Pests and plagues

With a lot of cold, ice and more than half a meter of frozen snow, dear don't find a lot to eat. Therefore they have started to attack our stock winter feed. Even a two meter electric fence don't keep them away from our hay. They are beautiful animals but this is becomming a serious problem. We hope that the snow will soon disappear.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Our first goat is due at end of February so big was my surprise when I found this guy standing alone in our goat stable. It took me a few minutes to realise that a young yearling, gotten from a friend last Autumn, must have been in kid when we got her.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Na predaj - for sale

Rezervácia mladých baranov, matka Lacaune a otec Východofrízsky plemenný baran línie Wild, z dvojčat dovezených z Čiech. Tieto plemenné barany budú výborným dodatkom vášho ovčieho stáda. Jahňatá sa narodia v januári a februári 2013 a na predaj budú mať minimálnu hmotnosť 15kg. Rezervujte si ich ešte dnes! Moznosť rezervovať si aj krížence oviec Suffolk a Lacaune, ktoré sa narodia v marci. Cena: 3E/kg Bazos inzerát So far the Slovak text of our advertisment. And only a few reactions, very frustating. We got very nice sheep and I am trying to sell our (unborn) lambs. The rams would be perfect to upgrade local sheep herds, but it seems that most will end op as meat. And even as mutton we get too low prices for them.....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feeding rack - latest fashion

We believe that it is healthy to get exercise when you are pregnant. This includes other mamals as sheep and goats. Therefore our animals sleep, get feed and water on different places so they have to walk. Arnold just made some new hay racks for our sheep. The ones in the stables are in use by our goats and our last year sheep rack has been taken over by our horses. It is a nice iron one but the smallest sheep try (and sometimes manage) to get inside. So now we have two wooden ones which we can adjust if the sizes don't fit.