Monday, May 30, 2011

Gardens like sunshine

Last year our vegetable garden was a nightmare - too much rain and no sun. Now we haven't had a drop in weeks but we can use our pond to water our garden. Everything is growing very well! Lettuce and spinach are on our plate several days/week. Soon we can add mangetout and broadbeans. Potatoes are also doing great. One of our guests said he hadn't seen such beautiful potato plants as ours this year - and he used to work in the agricultural sector. Since we had some very cold nights I did cover the plants with a thick layer of hay, luckily they survived. I make fun of my Slovak neighbours waiting till May before planting them, If mine would have died from night frost they wuld have had a nice laugh!


"Within an hour we catched more than 30!" - should you believe what fisherman say when you haven't withnessed it yourself? Arnold finally went fishing with our neighbour. And I have to admit, lots of fishes came out off the bucket.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

morning duties

We get up at five; to feed our sheep and put then on a new field, milk our goats, clean the camp site toilets and showers (with out being in the way of our guests), walking the dogs, doing some household duties and than, finally, coffee!

to be milked (urgently)

the young ones

sleeping campsite

our horses says 'good morning' - we have started training him again, he will be lovely with camp site kids this summer!

sheep have breakfast

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great multi-functional wheelbarrow

Thanks Hans and Margreet! For this great off-the-road buggy sometimes also used as wheelbarrow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

voor tante Ans

Camping season

Camping season has started so no time to take pictures or to post anything on this blog....... because we also have a tree nursery to weed, goats to milk, milk to make cheese of, sheep to take care of, a horse to train, and a lovely girl!

just some impressions;

This is our own bedded tent (rent-a-tent) isn't it a beauty?