Sunday, November 25, 2012

Green grass

It´s end November and all goats sheep and horses are still grazing green grass! It´s perfect to train Louisa our little bit too enthousiastic sheep dog. Every afternoon she brings home our free ranging goats. This week our first hay has arrived. We are getting slightly nervous of not yet having the ordered winter feed for 20 goats, 35 sheep and 2 horses....

Fried cheese

Fried Cheese (vyprazany syr) is one of those lovely slovak dishes. Since we have lots of dairy sheep and goats it is a popular plate in our kitchen. Please have a look at the excellent website Slovak Cooking for the full text on how to prepare it. Here is Arnold making it:

Friday, November 9, 2012


From left to right: Friesian, Lacaune and F1 cross. ------------------------ Most of our sheep are Lacaune, a few are Friesian and all our lambs are F1 friesian x Lacaune crosses. Lacaune aren't very wooly and the quality of it's wool is very low. Friesians have the contrary. We have no problem to find people who want the fleeces of our Friesians. The Lacaune's wool goes into the garbage container... Next spring we will have the first wool of our F1 crosses I wonder how their wool quality will be.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another three months to go

One of our favorite sheep is looking very pregnant. She is two months in lamb and has slightly less than another three months to go. Certainly we do expect twins from her like last year.