Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plan B

We have 12 ewe lambs from our Friesian ram and our Lacaune ewes. Most were born at the end of the lambing season, at the beginning we got only rams. However a few might have developed well enough to be able to get in heat this year. Plan A was to mate them with a 50% Friesian/50% Lacaune ram which was bought without having seen him... a big mistake. We got an underfed sick looking lamb which is still not even 20 kg at more then 6 months of age. We even doubt if his mother was a pure Lacaune and not mixed with an indigenous breed like Valaska (he is too wooly). So there was need for a plan B. We bought a young beautiful Suffolk ram to sire our young ewes. Bob is his name and he has left a nice farm where the whole familly said goodbye to him to join our herd.

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