Monday, January 13, 2014

Goat's milk yoghurt

It has been a challenge for the past years; making yogurt from goat's milk. 

At our farm we make yogurt from sheep's milk. It gives an excellent yogurt, thick, creamy, tasty simply delicious. But you cannot beat nature. When the days start to shorten, milk yields go down and completely dry up in November - December. But we - and our clients - still want yogurt! Nice thick, creamy, tasty yogurt! We still milk some of our goats. But when we apply the standard receipt to their milk all we yield is a rather watery acid kind of nothing. So we started to experiment and we are proud to announce that our test team has approved our new improved goat's milk yogurt!

First we heat up the milk, a few seconds to 90C, without burning it. The milk is cooled down rapidly. Then the milk is heated to 42C and starter is applied. Making yogurt is finding a balance in good and bad bacteria. The good ones thrive in an acid environment. This is why we use some buttermilk together with a good quality yogurt as starter. This is left at 42C for 12 hours. Shorter will result in a more acid yogurt. This is just fine, it gives the yogurt just the fresh taste of acid. Then the water is drained through a cheesecloth for an approximately 5 hours. The solid parts are thoroughly mixed. Let the yogurt cool in the fridge. Our test-team-kid loves it!

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