Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter on our farm

Lubos from the great website Slovak Cooking writes about easter in Slovakia in his newsletter;
It’s not Easter bunnies or chocolate eggs hiding in a bush. In Slovakia, Easter Monday is celebrated by guys chasing girls around with a whip (a switch) made off willow branches (korbáče) and also pouring buckets of cold water on them. And as a sign of gratitude, girls reward the boys by giving them beautiful hand-decorated Easter eggs, chocolates, liquor, or even money. What an awesome traditions! Ok, perhaps some girls will disagree with me.

Easter at our place was with lambs going outside for the first time. Very exiting for them (and for me more frightning than exiting). In Holland some farmers give tranquillizers to calves going outside for the first time. I now understand why! A group of over exited young animals don't see any fences or barriers. So we are starting slowly, everyday a few more minutes.

They grow very well, more than 300 grams/day. - And this is the most beautiful girl of all.

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Deborah said...

Your pictures are delightful. I feel as if I am there. I have an acrea in Utah USA and our neighbor has a sheep ranch. I go visit during the lambing and love to hear their little bleats and baaas. I have read all of your posts. Very inspirational ! Keep writing and photographing.