Monday, April 4, 2011

Barter trade

I exchanged our geese for chickens and pigeons. The geese didn't do what they were supposed to do; keep our Christmass tree field free of weeds. They didn't stay within the fence - prefered total freedom. Understandable but with a campsite not practical. They do shit a lot and make too much noise in the mornings. Sleeping guests would be awake before six o'clock. Not really what you like when you're on holiday.
So I did put an advert on a Slovak website: 4 geese to be swapped against chickens or pigeons. Or any other interesting offer. Please send me an e-mail.
So I got several phonecalls and strange offers; fishing rods and enamel pins (?), money and finally somebody called with chickens and pigeons. So finally we got chickens on our farm, six bantams, laying 6 eggs a day so far, and a couple of Slovak pouter pigeons.

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