Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slovak cooking

Snow and cold keeps us but also all those living on the small farms around us inside. When you do not have a good reason to leave your home you better do not - so lots of time for cooking and eating (and drinking!
The majority of the population which lives on farms usually produces and processes lots of food by themselves. When the cold starts and the flies disappear it is slaughter-season. Serious numbers of pigs are killed and processed into wonderful sausages, hams, goulash, soups and other traditional dishes. We are very lucky with lovely neighbours and friends who let us share in their seasonal abundance.

To look up how they made those great dishes I recommend this great Slovak cooking website:
It is also time to start preparing Christmas dinner (!!!!!), you will find all sorts of Christmas cookies recipes on this site like the ones I made.


lbrieda said...

Hey guys, this is Lubos from This is so awesome!! Where in Slovakia is your farm? I am planning to spend the summer in Slovakia so I would love to stop by.

PS: Gonna mention your site on the Facebook page.

Laznička said...

Would love to meet you. We are in okres Krupina, you will find directions on our campsite website.