Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are you kidding?

With +/- 50 days to go before our first goat is due to kid we are getting ready. First the goats we were still milking had to be 'dried off' (stop them from making milk). This is necessary for the goat and her future kid(s). The easiest way is to apply medication (mainly antibiotics) but we preferred not to do so. We started feeding hay (instead of free range browsing) and milking them only once every other day for about 2 weeks. Then, we milked them once every three days for about a week - and one of the goats was still producing too much to stop milking her without risking mastitis. Today she was finally ready! Last milking of the year (the picture shows her production the previous milking). At the same moment I did trim her hooves and those of the other goats. Tomorrow the whole gang will be dewormed.

The kidding stables are ready, we got disinfectant, heath lamps and elastrator close at hand.
And now we will just have to be patient.....

A rich source of information on most aspects of goat keeping is this website: Fiasco farm

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