Saturday, September 25, 2010

Parasol mushroom and others

The parasol mushroom (last two pictures) is a fungus with a large, prominent fruiting body resembling a lady's parasol (some of the other mushrooms on the pictures are resembling other things). The parasol mushroom is difficult to mistake for any other, and therefore we dare picking it! This mushroom is very popular in this region where it is prepared like a schnitzel. It is delicious and we did collect a bag full of it Yesterday, fryed with garlic, onions and peppers it made a lovely diner.

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Majo said...

There may be a case with those parasol mushrooms sometimes mistaken for these
which is often a case reported in Slovakia unless people really do pay attention. So please be careful!
Otherwise and in general, mine and my family's tradition in mushroom picking anywhere around here is only picking those not having any stripes/bands (not sure what is the right word for it) under its cap. This might often be overly careful, but that is considered the right way of picking mushrooms in Slovakia unless you have real experience in it (I am not an expert though!).
Also please, try to limit your children's intake of any kind of mushroom containing food (and I also mean all 100% safe non-poisonous kinds of mushrooms) as they are fairly heavy for child's indigestion. Same, I am no expert on this, but I believe any kind of mushroom should be omitted from any food until the child's age of 7 or 8(?).
The usual way I was raised in and as we try to raise our little one is to make her get used to food containing some little quantity of mushrooms (soup etc.) but not making her eating anything larger than that.
I may may be wrong on these though, as I say. Many Slovakians make their kids eat bacon and eggs for breakfast too :)