Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dog Hotel

We offer different kind of boarding services for a very limited number of dogs which we heap together under the activity Dog Hotel. Hotel is may be a little bit posh name for our ordinary farmhouse; our simple living room, the garden and two kennels. However what we offer is good and loving care, a safe and warm place for the beloved dogs of our clients. We do whatever we can to make their stay pleasant, since being away from their own pack is already stressful enough.

Would you be able to refuse such a sweet heart to sleep on your bed?

We closed our doors for two months because of the birth of our daughter. Now we are back in business, our living room is open to board dogs in the summer and in the winter. We do think that we supply a need, since we are again receiving inquiries. The only problem we have is that we are still looking for such a dog hotel as ours to board our own dogs so we would be able to travel without worries ourselves as well.

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