Monday, January 18, 2010

Pig love

Our neighbours like pigs ... on their plate. They slaughter several every year, especially during the winter. Wintry weather is perfect for making sausages - no flies to spoil the fun. And fun it is, processing a pig. The entire familly shows up and the next door Dutch are expected to pay a call as well. Lots of meat is turned into bacon, sausages and things I do not even know the name of. To stay warm the local version of gluh wine is consumed: gluh palenka! A hot mix of caramel and the local firewater (containing at least 50% alcohol). We always get a very generous share of meat and meat products, if we survive the drinking - as we did so far....

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Martina B. said...

I am sooo jealous! Havent had good Slovak klobaska in ages.. Last time my mom send me some, it got "confiscated" by postal service.. I guess you cant mail meat products to USA :((
Well.. enjoy!