Saturday, November 7, 2009

Very very lucky people

last excavation we found four horseshoes

or: Winter preparations part two:
It is still Autumn and we managed to:

- saw up enough wood for the whole Winter
- buy fire-wood for next year
- get skid chains and winter tires for our car
- make the horse stable into a goat & horse stable
- buy a billy goat
- get a wonderful babygirl!

We still need to get winter feed for our livestock however we have been garanteed that we are on top of the list of the local hay seller.

So far our worries about an early Winter with a few meters of snow have been for nothing....

Oké we are still waiting for the electrician to return and finish the new installation. He said work would be finished within one week, or did he say could? Haven't seen or heard from him for almost two months. The septic tank we have ordered for our camp site is supposed to be ready (finally) but now the emission inspection papers of the delivery truck are expired, they have promised delivery next week......

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