Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do you have a horse?

Our Slovak language skills are still very rudimentary. So far we were specialized in building terms, vegetables and livestock vocabulary. When Katinka was hospitalized we quickly became familiar with a whole bunch of new words; Sucking reflex, diapers, mother’s milk etc.
We managed the daily conversation with the nurses of “how is she, did she drink by herself, do you need more milk / diapers / wet wipes?” and the matching answers… However when the nurse asked “Do you have a horse?” we didn‘t understand her, it is a simple question, one we should understand after a year of struggling with the language but it did not fit into the normal conversation we used to have with her.
It happened to be that she had read the women’s magazine Slovenka which just had published an article about Dutch living in Southern Slovakia with some nice pictures …. also of Arnold with our horse.
the article in Slovenka n.44

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