Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vegetable feast

Our garden continues to produce a lot of vegetables (and weeds, insects and work) which is very useful since we now have many people around to help us with our roofs.
My perception of the typical Slovakian construction worker lunch has been adjusted; I started cooking big quantities of sausages, backed potatoes and fried onions but it appears that they prefer home made tomato soup, pumpkin pancakes and red beet salad!

Peppers; easy to grow outside in southern Slovakia even without a glasshouse!

Slovakian sweet pepper

Yolo wonder

Habanero - hot chili pepper (one of the hotests!)


Matina, not very pretty plants but extreemy tasty and productive

Cherolla cherry tomatoes - Mmmmmmmm!!


Sweet corn "golden bantam"

Pumpkin "small sugar"

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