Thursday, June 4, 2009

The potato eaters

The Potato Eaters (Dutch: De Aardappeleters) is a painting by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh that he painted in April 1885 while in Nuenen, Netherlands.
Van Gogh said he wanted to depict peasants as they really were. "I wanted to convey the idea that the people eating potatoes by the light of an oil lamp used the same hands with which they take food from the plate to work the land, that they have toiled with their hands—that they have earned their food by honest means."
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We have a decent sized vegetable garden since we like to grow most of our vegetables ourselves. We have no illusions of becoming self-sufficient however growing your own food is not only a very satisfying activity but also an economic choice. Our main crop are potatoes since we eat them almost every day and therefore we grow several varieties providing us new potatoes in summer and tubers for storage during the winter months.

The earlies we grow are the Dutch Red Scarlet and the German Belana. Our main crop of potatoes, which we will keep for the long and cold winter, is the Slovakian variety Viola.

Red Scarlet flowering - to be harvested soon!

We have also planted two varieties of gourmet potatoes; Vitelotte Noire, which was introduced into France in 1815 from Peru. It is also called “truffle potato”, black outside and dark purple inside. I am looking forward to purple mashed potatoes! The French fingerling called La Ratte d’Ardèche is said to be wonderful in salads. Its origins are French where it is grown since 1872.

Vitelotte noir - not only its tubers are black also its nerves.

August 13th; our first harvest of Ratte d’Ardèche ready to be cooked.

Our potato eaters?

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