Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Favorite Flowers

Yesterday I came across this lovely poem, expressing the author’s admiration for the beauty of vegetables. Exactly the reason why I feel no need to grow flowers in my garden...

My Favorite Flowers
by Christopher Morley published in 1919
The yellow orchid why discuss,
When you can eat asparagus!
What stained-glass window could repeat
The red-veined leafage of the beet?

What delicately mottled green
Is in the humble, honest bean,
And what a balm for sin and grief
The crisp and curly lettuce leaf!

The corn, in green, translucent files,
Shimmers like cathedral aisles,
The cabbage that the frost has touched
Is like a pigeon's throat unsmutched.

An onion, if you hold your nose,
Is marvelous as any rose!
- - - - -

So hereby a photo of our new front garden; three rows of beautiful potatoes!

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