Friday, October 4, 2013


We finally found a solution to escaping animals. We have spent a small fortune on electric impuls devices which all proved either to weak or simply not robust enough for our animals. Goats simply jump the fence, sheep go for mass attack. We have found a local electrician who makes home made devices. Our animals are deeply impressed and stay at least 1mtr away from the fence! A nice present for the 4th of october!

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Andrew said...

I'm an America living with my Slovak wife homesteading in East Slovakia.
I also spent a fortune on different energizers, the 4th has worked though.
I notice that you are using a car battery. If you have a supply of free, somewhat used car batteries this is fine, but if you are buying new batteries you will be better off instead ordering deep cycle / traction batteries.
A car battery is designed to give a lot of current for a short time (at starting), but shouldn't be discharged below 80% or so of rated capacity (Ah), otherwise its life becomes quite short. The deep cycle, on the otherhand, can be discharged down to even 10% of capacity.
Some so-called leisure batteries are starting around 100€ (Banner Energy Bull series). I bought one that was more expensive (200€) but for which I can realistically expect an 8 year service life: Trojan 27 TMX.
Andrew Ray