Friday, February 8, 2013

Terminal sire

We got Bob, a young good looking Suffolk ram, to become father of our Lacaune x East Friesian sheep, we don't want to get more then 50% Friesian blood in our ewes. The Friesians have proven to be too demanding for our low input farming system. The Lacaunes however have shown to be excellent hardy animals. We are looking forward to see how the EFxLC cross ewes will perform, so far we are really satisfied, they are healthy and all which where 6 months or older got in gestation - on grass only since we do not feed any concentrated feed to them. The first offspring of Bob is expected around 25th of February and all of them will be for sale since we want to continue with dairy sheep.


Anonymous said...

He's a handsome fellow - his ears are great! :)

Veggie Patch said...

Ahoj Laznicka,

First of all, I must say I love reading your blog and following the adventures on your farm. The life you're living now is our dream.
My partner and I currently live in Sydney, but have been saving to buy a farm for a few years now. We'd like it to be self-sufficient, organic and in Europe. We're thinking of Slovakia (as that's where I come from) or Ireland (my partner is half English, half Irish and loves Ireland). Although at the moment it looks like Ireland will be the winner, as I have a couple of issues with Slovakia. But we shall see. It seems like you are doing fine though and haven't really met with any of the problems I fear. It's a shame we found your blog just as we were leaving Slovakia last year, when we were on holidays there, as we would have come and stayed at your lovely camp site. Hopefully, next time, if we manage to come in summer.
You've also inspired me to write a blog of my own. I've been wanting to write about my veggie patch in our suburban home and about our 'living off the grid' ideas for a while, but thought it wouldn't interest anyone, but changed my mind when I started reading your blog, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So last month I started and I love writing new posts. Hopefully, it will help someone one day. It also keeps me sane, as we’re very keen to leave the fumes of the big city behind and start a new life on a smallholding. Unfortunately, it will take us another couple of years before we can afford to buy everything outright and leave our jobs.
Until then I’ll keep daydreaming while reading your posts and writing my own. I wish you best of luck and hope we’ll be able to come and visit your lovely place one day. :)