Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mangalitsa: a new pork horizon?

We have just prepared the first pork chops from Mr.Pig our Mangalitsa pork slaughtered yesterday. I am not a great fan of pork meat but this was different! Hard to discribe, did we ate beef or pork? Blogger 'Mad Meat Genius' wrote this about a Mangalitsa roast: This was one special taste treat. I have never experienced such a pork flavor. The meat was very rich with a intense, pleasing pork flavor. If my eyes were closed, I might even say it tastes of a mild beef. The meat was a little darker than the usual pork we purchase. The flavor was accented with a buttery pork fat that made us swoon. The gravy made from these drippings was some of the best gravy that might have ever been made. I took a cup of gravy and just sipped it with a straw. Mangalitsa pork, where have you been all my life? This was a special treat that has opened our taste buds to a new pork horizon.

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crt said...

In the US mangalitsa is being promoted as gourmet meat -

Here in Slovenia a farmer in Salovci used to have a couple but seemingly was not able to develop a market for the special properties of the meat. Last I heard he didn't have the pigs anymore although the gallery still shows them