Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not in love

The pigs we keep will end on our plate. They arrive in Spring and leave somewhere in the Autumn or Winter. In the mean time they keep our farm and campsite free of organic waste and therefore unwanted pests and smells. We now have one big boy left which will be slaughtered when the weather is cold enough to make sausages without have to put them in the refrigiator. So somewhere end november or december. He is noisy, smelly and likes to destroy things for his own pleasure. He broke out of his pasture a dozen of times before we decided he would have to be confined in a smaller pen. There he demolished his shed so now only a simple corugated iron roofing sheet is giving him some shelter. Being (crossbred) Mangalitsa or Woolpig cold or rain don't harm him but he likes the comfort of a dry place to sleep. As a living being he deserves a good treamtment but thanks to being smelly, noisy, dirty etc, we are not in love with him and no tears will be shed when he leaves to his final destination.

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