Monday, February 27, 2012

Sheep milk

We have started to milk some ewes, those with only one lamb and plenty of milk. The lambs will stay with their mothers till they weight +/- 12 - 15 kg. It is no rocked science like deciding who to milk and how much but the strongest boys and girls will be weaned first.


Westbendfarm said...

Love your site. Found it by accident trying to figure out if my ewe is pregnant!!! We are doing a similar venture as you but in Ontario, Canada. My goats are dairy goats, I have tamworth pigs, laying hens a horse and donkey. a nieghbour keeps beef cattle here too. We just started 1.5 years ago but are loving it so much. Hope you have a great spring!!!

Laznička said...

Hello Westbendfarm
Thanks for your nice comment. I hope you enjoy your farm as much as we do. Good luck and let Spring start now!!