Friday, September 23, 2011


'Lazy' is not only the name of our campsite. In Slovak it means something like 'rural place'. In/on Lazy live Laznicks 'rural people' which is something like a 'boor' but for those living there (including us) also a proud nickname.
In/on Lazy life is pure and can be rough, it is not like some of those 'Country and living' or 'Landleven' (Dutch) magazines delude of country life. You wont find design benches and wrought-iron gates, flower arrangements and tables set with the right crockery.
Living in Lazy is about growing potatoes, chopping wood for long and cold winters, milking at five in the morning, eating your own produce, not being bothered by fashion or interior design, often some poverty but also a certain freedom. After ten years working in a environment where careers and politics where more important than people and solidarity we longed for a different lifestyle. Being Laznick suites us. Maybe it is just a phase but at present I cannot imagine returning to that part of the society where I was supposed to fit in.

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