Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working the twig

We would like to have a second source for water since we use a lot with our campsite. Our neighbour knew a good dowser, mr. Guten, a man who has the gift to work with the twig in search of water. This is the method still used to find subsoil water sources. We also worked with dowsers in Africa. I still find it amazing to withness!

Mr. Guten could indicate water sources, but also their depth and expected output. To my big surprise he told me that I also might have this skill - since I am of blood type O. But I did not tell him my bloodtype! When I tried to estimate the dept with a water bottle on a string it swung the other way around - logical since I am rhesus negative........

At the last picture you see Katinka practising it with some wooden sticks :-)

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