Sunday, February 27, 2011


This picture of a Lacaume sheep and it's proud owner is one of the amazing and beautiful pictures of Yann Arthus-Bertrand; animals and a magnificent collection of areal photos (la terre vue du ciel).

Lacaune sheep produce milk for the world famous Roquefort cheese. It is a French breed which has been intensively selected to improve it's milk production. It has also been imported to Slovakia and certain breeders in Slovakia go every year to France to buy new rams since good dairy sheep are of high value over here.
We have been to a sheepfarm yesterday, and we have reserved 20 lambs for our new flock! They will be old enough to be weaned and transported to our place at the end of March.

The Lacaune is a French breed of dairy sheep. In France, the Lacaune breed has been rigorously selected for improved milk production. Annual genetic improvement for milk yield is 2.4 percent. As compared to the East Friesian, the Lacaune is a hardier breed of dairy sheep. They give birth to fewer lambs and produce less milk, but their milk is higher quality, giving better cheese yields. The Lacaune has very little wool. Its head, legs, and a good portion of its belly are bare. This lack of wool is advantageous when it comes to milking. Source: Sheep 201

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