Saturday, January 8, 2011

No news just cold and white

Nothing interesting enough to post is happing but with between 50 and 700 (!) visitors/day I sometimes feel more or less obliged to post something on this blog.

We are working on the PR of our campsite, soon Arnold will go to the Netherlands to participate on a 'rural tourism fair'. We will also have a bedded-tent for rent on our camping next year and it is already rather popular to our pleasant surprise.

This Year we will also collaborate with two other small and 'green' campsites. I have made a nice website (sorry in Dutch only) Rondje Slowakije.

With my niece in the Czech Republic we will organize some interesting camping trips for owners of caravans (mainly Dutch so again a Dutch website: AHOJ Kampeerreizen.

So lots of computer work: making new flyers, banners, posters and websites.

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