Monday, April 19, 2010

Vegetable garden layout

Compleet books are written on this subject vegetable garden layout. I call the layout of our garden 'organic'; it is not planned, it develops during the gardening season. There are only a few things I keep in mind:
- crop rotation (especially for the nightsade familly)
- soil quality (our soil is very heterogeneous) in relation to what different vegetables like
- most beds will be north-south so plants get good exposure to the sun
Apart from that it is not planned or designed. The main paths just wide enough for a baby buggy and the bed are as long as the slat of wood I use for measuring. The smaller paths have the size of a spade. And the beds are one rake wide.
We have the luxury of have a large vegetable plot so we don't have to use every square centimeter. For those less lucky, have a look at the picture of this Tyre Stack Potato Patch. Great idea! Instead of making ridges you just add tyres and soil...

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