Sunday, March 7, 2010


Life is not only about keeping goats and growing Christmas trees (not always a nice combination by the way).
We have worked many years in Africa in Development Aid, which since long has become a business and is often more about political interests and personal careers than about improving the living conditions of the poor. We ran away from it to live on our smallholding in the middle of nowhere… That’s freedom and we can do it because we have the guts but more important: the means and a Dutch passport.

So a political party named: Party for Freedom sounds nice isn’t it? It is a new party which came first in municipal elections in Almere and second in The Hague, the only two cities in which it participated in the recently held municipally elections in my homeland Holland. However this party is not about freedom for all but just for a small and selected group of people. It is a party that preaches hatred against immigrants; it nurtures on fear of the unknown and finds a rich breeding-ground in today’s economical situation. When have we seen this before? Don’t we learn from history?
It worries me and makes me very angry, even although I am living here on my own little paradise in the middle of nowhere. Because life is about much more than goats and trees…..

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