Friday, February 12, 2010


How many years will we need to get used to this type of winter weather?

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Marian said...

I have just landed on your blog by luck and roamed around it a little. The photos are beautiful! And I admire and envy you a bit your determination and your way of life. Must say it gives me some inspiration for the future!
It is also nice to see foreigners enjoy living in my home country (I am from Kosice).
:) I realize the winters need some getting used to, my small trick with my also not extremely cheerful feeling towards Slovakian winters are winter sports. A memory of skiing or ski running on a chilly and with some luck a sunny day makes one look forward to winter after a hot summer.
Changing of distinctive seasons has its charm for me too. It is powerful when a winter is coming to its end and one is looking forward to spring again, looking for signs of warmer weather, sprouting trees and so on. It always takes its time and is always a bit exciting. I could say that one of the things I enjoy about the winter here is waiting for its end:)
All good luck with your farm and camp and keep your readers posted!