Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plastic is not fantastic in a christmas tree

From Get farming - Australia.
pictures: our trees 11-'09

Buying a plastic Christmas tree leads to the emission of more than double the greenhouse gases than getting a natural Christmas tree, new analysis by sustainability experts has revealed.
New analysis has found that the greenhouse gas emissions generated from a plastic tree are in fact up to more than 2.5 times more than of a cut tree. The majority of emissions from a plastic Christmas tree – around 85 per cent – come from the manufacturing process and materials, which include PVC, steel and in some cases, lead.On the other hand, you have a real tree that requires a plastic stand, has used some water in the process of growing and has been transported over a shorter distance than a plastic tree; countered by the fact the tree has also sequestered carbon during its four years of growth.

The CO2 emitted from a natural tree is calculated at around 3.1 kilograms per year. In comparison, an artificial tree will emit 8.1 kilograms per year or 48.3kg over the entire life span. A household would need to keep their plastic tree for at least 20 years just to balance out the effect of green house gas emissions!

One of our Nordman trees - December 2009

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