Saturday, October 24, 2009

Camping site

Finally nice weather again! I have been waiting for days to be able to make pictures of our future campsite. Here they are. It will be a very spacious, calm and rural campsite, with lots of nature and animals around. Without disco, snack bar or karaoke evenings. Just a place to enjoy the calmness of rural southern Slovakia with endless forests and fields. The sanitairy facilities are still under construction but will be first-rate and as an extra we will offer day-care for our customers dogs.


Satu said...

Hello and Greetings from Finland!

Your live my life :D

I´m looking for a house from Slovakia...
Thinking how much I need money and where I can find some farming job.(how much money i need in every month for living)

In this moment i´m working whit animals (almost 20years) and my bigges dream is to move Slovakia.


Dog Hotel Slovakia - Hondenhotel Slowakije said...

Hello Satu

How much money need.... depends on your life-style and self sufficiently rate. Health insurance cost +/- 45 euro/month, to heath your house with wood, count on 300 euro/year (if you have to buy wood), electricity +/- 50 - 75 euro/month, water free if you have your own well, car: .... insurance/maintenance/fuel.... ; we think that to have a moderately comfortable life and you grow part of your own food, a couple needs +/- 600 euro.

However don't count on finding a farm job, our village agricultural cooperative just had to dismiss 20 of its 30 employees because of ongoing low milk prices. And salaries are not what they are in Western Europe....

Good luck!