Thursday, July 16, 2009


We have about everything in our vegetable garden, including a small selection of Cucurbitaceae: melon (Galia), pumpkins (Uchiki-Kuri, Small sugar, Lady Godiva) and courgette (Di nizza). Since we're both not too keen on cucumbers and gherkins, I did not put them in our garden. However when Slovak visitors see our plentiful garden (and most of them are quite impressed) the first question they ask is "where are your gherkins?", so I ended up sowing them just to avoid complicated discussions. Now we have to learn how to make pickles!

Di Nizza - a very productive round courgette.

A young Uchiki-Kuri or Small sugar pumpkin?

Lady Godiva, the pumpkin with naked seeds (for roasted pumpkin-seeds).

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